Viira Motor Training School mobilizes women from low income groups & trains them intensively to become proficient taxi drivers and constantly monitors performance.

Driver Training Program

The Viira Driver Training Program is the only one of its kind in India. The 12 week program covers every little aspect that will enable them to perform their jobs with confidence.

Maruti Suzuki has donated a simulator to Viira Motor Training School. A simulator enables learners to get a quicker understanding of driving before they get on to road driving. It is incredible tool for evaluating driving skills.

In order to gain a commercial licenses the STA stipulates 15 hours of driving. We at Viira stipulate 120 hours minimum for girls to be become proficient taxi drivers and ensure that they practice everything from night to hill driving.

At Viira we are committed to road safety and our driver abide by all rules. In order to achieve this we have extensive classroom sessions that cover rules, regulations, road signs and road manners.

In order to drive 24/7 our girls need to understand the vehicle better and we prepare them to manage minor contingencies like changing tyres themselves.

The Viira differentiator is highest quality of customer service, which is based on extensive training in understanding needs to different customers ranging from senior citizens to young partying girls to expecting mothers.

The training includes basic first aid and emergency handling skills, delivered by medial professionals. Moreover, the trainees come from impoverished backgrounds and we train them to a have basic understanding of health & hygiene issues for them and their families.

Viira Chauffeurs work on all shifts, not just in the city but to satellite towns regularly. In order to mentally prepare them to be ready to face all challenges the course includes 36 hours for self defense training.

As essential part oft of good customers experience is that drivers should know the routes, therefore we train our drivers to understand the layout and places of interest.

After they complete the training and pass our internal tests, trainees are employed as drivers. But in their first week they work with experienced drivers, so they learn the real time aspects of being a taxi driver.

Viira Driving Instructor Program

Viira Motor Training School conducts the State’s only training program for Driving School Instructors. The objective of the program is to encourage driving instructors to conduct classroom sessions in addition to practical training. Classroom sessions with good audio visual aids can train the new drivers on road safety, road laws and basic tenets of sharing the road. Training drivers on road safety at the very beginning is the only thing that will make a long term impact in reducing the increasing number of road accidents.

Customized Training Programs

Viira conducts customized programs for organizations on road safety, defensive driving skills, and related subjects.