Viira Cabs is a ladies taxi service with highly trained women chauffeurs. Our business is committed to changing the way women travel.

  • Convenient

    Passengers can book a cab for a short journey, for a day, for a number of days by just calling our 24/7 call center at any time.

  • Safe

    Viira Cabs are monitored on a GPS system with panic alerts. Our lady chauffeurs are trained in self defense & defensive driving. They are trained to handle road side emergencies and supported by 24/7 back office.

  • Affordable

    Viira Cabs work at the same rates prescribed by the state transport authority for other fleet cabs in the Mumbai region for retail, point-to-point journeys.

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  • Comfortable & Eco-friendly

    Air-conditioned and ample leg space, with chauffeurs who are committed to smooth, safe driving, a Viira journey is comfortable and relaxing. Moreover, we are a green fleet that runs on CNG.

  • In Cab Entertainment

    Viira Cab passengers can now watch live television & surf the net during the journey. Tabbie TM (Tablet in a Cab!), one of the world’s first Android tablet based in-taxi infotainment is provides an exciting & secure customer experience as passengers go about their hectic commute.

  • Senior Citizen Mobility

    Viira provides never before mobility to senior citizens, our chauffeurs take infinite care to leave them securely to the door of their destination.